A pop-up oyster bar shucking the freshest oysters the Maritimes have to offer.


The excitement and curiosity that one goes through when experiencing an oyster for the first time is an incredible thing to be a part of. That is why I love being able to help bring this experience to anyone and everyone. Whether you’re a seasoned mariner, an ‘a-fish-ionado’, or an inquisitive gastronome, we can all come together and enjoy a story, a shuck and a slurp.


What we offer

We bring our full service oyster bar to any event you are hosting. Along with all the accoutrements that go with oysters; we bring a story that the oyster tells. As with wine, the taste of each oyster is influenced by it’s natural environment and understanding that environment turns this into a true culinary experience


Let’s get shucking

We work with you to tailor our oyster bar to your specific needs

Large wedding party? We’ve got your bivalve lovers covered

Looking to add some freshness to the upcoming office party? How about an oyster and wine or scotch pairing.


what we shuck

We only shuck the best! Buying directly from the growers ensure we have the freshest oysters. The only way to get them fresher is to jump into the water yourself!